VACATION PROPERTY Rental Application

1 Yeomans Rd, Orange Hill, New Brunswick

NOTE: UNIT IS FITTED FOR 2 GUESTS (unless otherwise noted)

Dates of Rental:________________ to __________________, inclusive

Name(s) of Adult(s) Address Phone No. Email
Anticipated number of Renters, including children: ____________ NOTE: The rental fee and deposit are required PRIOR to the Rental date.
Rental Fee Deposit Amount Paid Date Paid Receipt No. Given
Date Deposit Returned: ________________ Cheque No. ____________ Please indicate below by placing a checkmark in the appropriate box if you wish to come prior to your rental date to: view facility; extend your check-out time; or you have any other special request.
View Property Extend Check-Out Time
Other (please specify below)


I agree to protect, indemnify, and defend [NAME OF OWNERS], his/her/their authorized agents, representatives, and employees against any and all claims arising from my rental of the above property. This provision includes any expenses incurred by [NAME OF OWNERS] defending any such claim. I further understand [NAME OF OWNERS], his/her/their authorized agents, representatives, and employees will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen property left in or about the property.

I have read and acknowledged this application form and the Rental Agreement (copy attached) and I agree to the Rental and Deposit Rates/Fees noted on page one (1) of this application and I accept responsibility for any misrepresentations, errors or omissions set out in this Application, and for any violations of the Rental Agreement.

Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _______________

Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _______________